About Us


Billy Kerstein
Founder & CEO

Billy a member & trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) from 1990-2020. Billy was the floor manager for International Futures & Options for 5 years where he managed the day to day operations of 300 plus employees.

Billy founded Kerstein Trading in 1996 and from 1998-2020. Billy was one of the first traders to start up electronic trading platform. Billy would electronically would communicate and fill the customer orders in the open market for all his clients, JP Morgan, Shearson Lehman, Goldmann Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, Citi Bank, ABN AMRO to name a few.

Billy in 2009 while actively managing his trading, Kerstein Trading began to get involved with Energy by brokering and de-regulating electricity for commercial & residential customers. Billy then founded Energy Illinois (EI) in 2018 and began commissioning people to do the same.

2019 Billy founded National Solar Energy (NSE) where he has personally reviewed and researched 4878 schools in Illinois for the Illinois Solar For All Government Program. NSE has consulted and communicated with more than 200 School districts in the state of Illinois.

Billy in 2020, Registered and Certified National Solar Energy as an DG Installer and Approved Vendor by the Illinois Commerce Commission. That certification allows NSE to participate in the government sector and Sell, Procure, Consult, Install in (ILSFA) Illinois for the Illinois Solar and (ABP) Adjustable Block Program.

Alex J. Gulotta
Partner & Director of Sales

Studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan and has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. In addition to his academic background, Alex has personally built several successful companies in a variety of industries, including plastic manufacturing, home improvement, and commodity trading. Alex brings his leadership and problem solving skills to NSE as the Director of Sales. As such, he is involved in teaching and training, strategic planning, organizational motivation and human resources, and most importantly; making sure the client experience is excellent from the beginning of any project to its successful completion.

Daniel L Seiler
Partner & Project Manager

Dan has an Associates Degree in Electromechanical, and is a Certified Master Electrician.
Having Dan join the NSE team is what sets us apart!! Dan brings an experienced skill set to National Solar Energy.
Dan has been involved in consulting, procuring, and managing multiple private and government contracts within the Solar and Electrical industry.

Jobs Awarded and Completed by our “Expertise”:

1).  Hired to be the Technical Consultant to a Washington D.C. based Non-Governmental Organization exploring the potential for the installation of private and utility scale solar systems at the Aswan Dam on the Nile River in Egypt.

2).  Awarded the contract to design & build with the National Park Service, Mount Rushmore National Monument.

3).  Awarded the contract with The U. S. Air Force to install life safety equipment at Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

4).  Awarded the contract with the Department of Labor, Dayton Job Corps Center.

5).  Awarded contract with The National Park Service, Indian Dunes National Lakeshore to install an all new solar off-grid solar system throughout the 24 square mile park.

6).  Awarded contract with Menards Inc. to service/repair and install electrical and HVAC systems at 82 locations in 8 states.

7).  Awarded to install all electrical and controlling systems for new aluminum electroplating lines for Apogee Enterprises in Wausau, WI.